“Imagine Seeing What You Think” ™

...with calm, grace & exceeded my expectations!

“Michael created for me amazing holiday business cards to send to my clients to keep me top of mind. I was admittedly hard to please, asking for numerous changes, but he did all of them with calm, grace & exceeded my expectations! I would not hesitate to hire him again for his incredible services.”

Dan Newmark, Presentation Specialist

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“Michael’s work is not just brilliant and in impeccable taste and sense of compositor, it is visually engaging and really gets the message across. I really appreciate his work and him as a person and designer. Hire him in a minute!”

Neal Raisman, Chancellor Briarcliff College

Michael's work is just a perfect!

“As an art enthusiast… Michael’s work is just a perfect addition to my wonderful collection. As a person Michael is a pleasure to interact with. He is charming, engaging & a true gentleman!”

Linda Hamilton, 3 Time Golden Globe Nominated Actress

He is an artist enamored of the Goddess

“Although his use of grisaille in dramatically cropped compositions could signal a stylistic kinship with David Salle, Apice’s approach to womanly curves is romantic rather than pornographic; he is an artist enamored of the Goddess rather than the bimbo!”

Ed McCormack, Gallery & Studio Magazine

Michael's style exhibits extreme sensitivity

"Michael's style exhibits extreme sensitivity... high emotion between his subjects and viewers. While his painting technique may wow audiences, he keeps the viewers attention by evoking an experience.”

Alli Rufrano, International Photographer & Professor


Illustration <strong><em>paintings</em></strong>

From Wikipedia: Illustration

In the art world, illustration has at times been considered of less importance than graphic design and fine art.

Illustration today, however, due in part to the growth of graphic novel and video game industries, as well as increased use of illustration in magazines and other publications, illustration is now becoming a valued art form, capable of engaging a global market.

Original illustration art has been known to attract high prices at auction. The US artist Norman Rockwell’s painting “Breaking Home Ties” sold in a 2006 Sotheby’s auction for USD15.4 million. Many other illustration genres are equally valued, with pinup artists such as Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas, for example, also attracting high prices.


Painting <strong><em>portfolios</em></strong>

Here are All Painting Portfolios for you check out!

Angel Artwork

Browse our selection of angel paintings and angel artwork at Michael Apice Gallery.

Animals / Nature

Browse our selection of Animals paintings and Nature artwork at Michael Apice Gallery. 


Browse our selection of Fantasy paintings and Fantasy artwork at Michael Apice Gallery. 


Browse our selection of Horror paintings and Horror artwork at Michael Apice Gallery. 

Science Fiction

Browse our selection of Science Fiction paintings and Science Fiction artwork at Michael Apice Gallery.


All <strong><em>portfolios</em></strong>

Here are All Portfolios for you check out!

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